Nuno Nina has extensive experience in the field of Integrative Medicine. With a background in Mathematics, Systems Engineering and Biochemistry, Nuno Nina has been deeply involved in the field of electrotherapy, having developed frequency devices and his clinic has served as a model for many throughout the world.

Through his cutting-edge clinics, Nuno Nina has positively impacted over 70,000 patients, attracting individuals from all corners of the globe. His clientele ranges from elite athletes to high-profile executives and those facing severe health crises.

At the forefront of revolutionary research, Nuno Nina has made hydrogen the centerpiece of his latest ventures, recognizing its pivotal role in elevating the effectiveness of diverse treatment modalities. He believes this ‘miracle molecule’ to be the missing link in creating a new revolution in health and wellness, whether helping severe medical cases or enhancing the performance of professional athletes.

Nuno Nina Electric World

Watch the first webinar, completely free of charge, covering the basic concepts of the world of electricity in our body.

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